Your information is already on sale...

Cybersecurity Lunch & Learn

When: Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Time: 12:00PM
Where: Milner's Gate
205 Shoshone Street North, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
*Lunch served at noon

There’s a whole world (96% of the Internet) hiding beyond these safe surface-level sites, known as the Dark Web. It’s a much less hospitable place...

What exactly is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a conglomeration of websites that cannot be found on search engines or accessed via traditional web browsers because their location and identity are hidden through encryption tools. Over half of the sites on the Dark Web are used for criminal activities.

Why do people use the Dark Web?

The most dangerous use of the Dark Web for businesses is the exchange of credentials (usernames and passwords) and identities. An individual’s stolen credentials can typically be sold on the Dark Web for the low price of $1 to $8. Hackers utilize these purchased credentials to:

  • Gain access to important financial information and steal identities (access to a Bank of America account holding $50,000 can be purchased for $500)
  • Access accounts for further phishing attacks
  • Threaten people with exposure of sensitive information (Remember the Ashley Madison hack from a few years back? Those credentials were dumped onto the Dark Web and hackers leveraged them to expose users).
  • Compromise other accounts using the same passwords and perpetuate the sale of personal Information



There is no cost to attend this training event.